Career Pivots: Break Free From Your Mental Constraints

leadership pivots Mar 12, 2024

A little while back, I hit what you'd call a major snag in my career. I’m talking about a hiccup that made me question the whole shebang. Projects I was jazzed about? They came to a screeching halt. Goals I’d been hustling after? They didn’t fit who I was turning into.

Standing at this fork in the road, I started some serious soul-searching. Trying to figure out the what and why of my work felt like trying to read a map in the dark. But, you know, even though it was a tough trek, it sure taught me a lot.

It turns out I’ve got plenty of company on this journey. Whether it’s a quick chat with a student or a deep dive with a coworker, I keep hearing echoes of the same thing: We’re all kind of feeling our way through, looking for that spark again when the old landmarks don’t seem to make sense anymore.

All this group soul-searching has really opened my eyes. The bullseyes I used to aim for? They just don’t jive with the person I am now. I’ve come to see that my road has twisted and turned, and it’s brought me somewhere new. My ambitions are now straight from the heart—about what fires me up and where I'm itching to go.

I've had this lightbulb moment that maybe, just maybe, my biggest impact could be helping others navigate their career jungles. It’s all about passing on what I’ve learned, giving a leg up instead of just stacking up my own wins. It’s a game-changer—from chasing trophies to handing out keys to the kingdom.

With everything going down around the world, I’m cobbling together a fresh career path—one that really gets who I’ve been and who I’m aiming to be. Chances are, you’re in the same boat, trying to steady yourself on this new deck.

Chasing after career momentum isn’t just about racing ahead—it’s about finding our true north and going for it. It's about catching that gust that sends us sailing in the right direction, even if that means drawing a new map. And when we all get in the groove, we can ride those big waves with ease. So don't let your doubts and mental constraints hold you back. 

Here’s the game plan: let’s chase down that momentum together. As we each redefine and move towards our dreams, let’s have each other's backs, pushing past those barriers and marching forward into a future we craft with every single stride.


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