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Create Your Leadership Mission Statement for Clarity and Focus! 


All the Tools You Need to Create a Leadership  Mission Statement for Clarity and Focus. 

Are you eager to be a leader who radiates passion and unwavering purpose? This short course is your perfect launchpad. You can create a leadership mission statement that will  help you focus on what you care about most and inspire others with your vision. 

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You want to supercharge your leadership! And you welcome a chance to get started. What are you waiting for? 

INTRODUCING the short course...

The 3-step process for creating a leadership mission statement. 

Create the foundation for your authentic leadership. 


By the end of this course, you'll have: 

  • Committed or recommitted to¬†your life and leadership purpose so you¬†can feel inspired and ready to tackle the tough challenges.¬†
  • Developed a leadership mission statement to serve as your go-to guide¬†for prioritizing and decision-making.¬†¬†
  • Created a preliminary plan of action for taking your first steps toward a vision of the leader you aspire to become.¬†





You will have a downloadable workbook with worksheets for each module. 


I provide stories and examples to stimulate your thinking. 


The course has a welcome and introduction followed by three modules. three modules. Each module contains short video lessons where I provide you with instructions, examples, and guidance. 

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You will complete three modules

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  • MODULE¬†¬†1 --¬†Discover Your Why:¬† In the first module, you will nail down your life and leadership purpose.¬†When you complete this module, you will have purpose statements¬†to serve as the foundation for¬†your leadership.¬†
  • MODULE¬†¬†2 --¬†Define Your What:¬†¬†In the second module, you will create a leadership mission statement that will serve as your guide for your short and longer-term goals.¬†¬†
  • MODULE 3:¬†-- Create Your How:¬†In the third module, you will¬†develop a plan for¬†moving from where you are today to where you want to go as a¬†purposeful leader.¬†When you complete this module, you will have a weekly step-by-step plan for starting down your reimagined leadership path.¬†

"I guide you through the first three steps towards purposeful leadership. The result: a leadership mission statement." 

I am a coach teacher, entrepreneur, writer, and leader. I am the president of a certified B Corps with a mission to help leaders create organizational cultures that nurture values-driven talent and contribute to a sustainable world. 

I hit my stride in my career when I intentionally centered my leadership on my values and purpose. I found inspiration and new energy for the tasks and challenges of my future. 

I work with leaders in some of the best companies across the globe as they seek to make a positive difference in their organizations and the world. 

I assist leaders in large corporations, small start-ups, and nonprofits. 

I teach and coach mid to late-career professionals pivoting to new leadership endeavors that align with their values. And I work with emerging leaders preparing to step up and lead their organizations into the future. 

Recently, a friend asked me what I would do if I could start over in my career.  My answer? I would pursue the same leadership path again.

My work is very fulfilling.  And that is what I want for you!

Kathy Miller Perkins, Ph.D.  

Working with Kathy was transformative for me. Truly a game-changer for anyone seeking to level up their leadership. 


Kathy is absolutely amazing to work with!  She has an incredible depth of knowledge in creating purpose-driven culture, but also has the ability to make even the most complicated information accessible and is completely invested in propelling your success forward. 



Inspiration to Impact


Here is what you get:

  • A¬† course roadmap describing what you will do and produce for each module.¬†
  • A three-module structured process¬†that guides¬†you on how to get¬†started on purpose-driven leadership.
  • A workbook with worksheets to support each module.¬†
  • A wrap-up with suggestions for¬†where you can go from here.¬†
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All The Tools You Need To develop Your Leadership Mission Statement 

Do you want to elevate and center your leadership? Do you want a personal guide for setting priorities, making decisions, and clarifying expectations? Then, you need a leadership mission statement. This short course will provide you with the structure you need to create your mission statement based on what you care about most.